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  • What warranty does my new electric bike/scooter come with?

    All of our electrical products come with 12 months warranty that covers all components of the bike/scooter against manufacturing defects, and 3 years cover against the frame.

    The warranty covers the original owner only and does not cover;

    • Normal wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads etc
    • Improper assembly (if delivered direct)
    • Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with our product
    • Damage or failure due to accident, impact, misuse, excessive load, abuse or neglect (including improper battery charging intervals)
    • Labour and transportation charges for parts replacement or change over


    If you have any questions regarding our warranty policy please discuss with your retailer or email us at

  • Are electric scooters legal to use on the road?

    At the moment no.  Electric scooters are only legal for use on privately owned land, with the land owners permission.  They cannot be ridden on public highways including pavements and bridleways.  

    In light of this rapidly growing market and the governments ongoing efforts to improve our countries "green" credentials we do expect this legislation to change in the near future.  We'd suggest you check legislation in your local area for the latest updates.

  • Why doesn't my Li-Fe scooter move when I press the throttle?

    Because as standard we fit a "push-start" throttle as a safety feature.  This means you must push the scooter under your own power to 3kph+ before the throttle will activate.  This prevents any accidental acceleration whilst holding or storing your scooter.

  • Will I have to pedal an electric bike?

    Yes.  All of our electric bikes have pedal assist, not simply a throttle.  They are fitted with a sensor behind the pedal arm which monitors the speed you are pedalling and applies the appropriate electric assistance to help push you along.  The quicker you pedal, the faster the motor will turn.  Once you reach 25kph the motor will keep you there while ever your pedals are rotating but if you ever want to go faster (what's the rush?!) the bike will rely 100% on good old leg power.

  • Will my new ebike/scooter come fully charged?

    We do our best to ensure all our electric bikes/scooters arrive to you with some charge, but they will need to be fully charged on the day you take it home.  After which you'll find details on battery charging in your Owners Manual, or you can ask us any questions via

  • I own one of your bikes, can you tell me how old it is?

    Our bike brands have been famous throughout the UK for over 100 years, with literally thousands of models and variations being manufactured along the way.  Our company structure has also changed in that time meaning that historic archives are not always available.  We'll always try and help you age your bike if you email us at but please note this may not be possible for any bikes from pre-1990.

  • Do your bikes come with any weight restrictions?

    Yes.  Each of our bikes are governed by the relevant European and International Standards, which dictate a maximum permissible weight (that's the combined weight of the bike + rider + any accessories).  Those weights are as follows:

    Junior Bikes: 60kg

    Folding Bikes: 105kg

    Adult Bikes (including all categories eg; MTB, Hybrid etc): 135kg

  • Can you help me choose the right bike?

    Firstly, don't worry...with the huge array of bikes available today you're not alone in wondering which would best suit your needs.  Our first recommendation is that you visit your local bike retailers to physically see the types of bike on offer, gauge which size, style and specification suits you best and discuss all options to ensure you get exactly what you need.

    We have a network of nationwide dealers that know all there is to know about bikes, so we hope they give you all the answers you need.

    If you'd rather drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you.  It's difficult for us to accurately suggest bikes without meeting you, but if you've narrowed down your search and want some final details or just a second opinion by all means email us at

  • How will I receive my new bike?

    There are 3 ways in which you can buy one of our bikes, and here's how you can expect to receive them for each scenario:

    1) Purchase your bike directly in store; in this instance the store will fully assemble the bike for you, check it over and ensure everything is in full working order.  Sometimes you may need to return to the store to allow time for them to do this, but when it is ready you will receive your new bike ready to ride and set up for you.

    2) Click & Collect; although you will not have physically seen the bike before purchasing, you will receive it in the same state as above.  We will dispatch your bike to your chosen store within 1-2 working days.  We then ask that you contact the store directly to arrange a suitable collection time, allowing them to unpack, assemble and set-up your bike ready for the agreed collection date/time.

    3) Direct Delivery; to allow couriers to handle your new bike, we must keep it in it's original packaging.  Our bikes are packed 85% assembled with the front wheel, handlebars, pedals and reflectors needing to be fitted.  Whilst each bike is hand assembled and checked, we do also suggest you fully check gears, brakes and tyre pressures before your first ride to ensure it is set up correctly.  If you're not confident in doing this yourself, you should contact your local bike retailers for assistance but any service offered will be chargeable.

  • What warranty does my new bike come with?

    Please note that for all purchases made in store, or click and collect orders, warranty claims should be validated through the retailer where you collected your bike from.

    Every product we supply comes with a manufacturers warranty which is valid for the original owner only for the following timescales:

    For 5 Years:

    All rigid steel frames and forks

    All rigid Titanium frames and forks

    For 3 Years:

    All rigid alloy frames and forks

    For 1 Year:

    All suspension frames/forks

    All paintwork and decals

    All carbon fibre frames and forks

    All original parts, suspension forks and rear suspension units unless these parts are covered in service by a UK distributor (see below)

    All electrical components

    Branded components

    All branded components such as SR Suntour, Rockshox, Shimano and Avid are all covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.  Whenever a fault occurs to a branded product you should contact the UK distributor for that brand to arrange a replacement or repair (your retailer can do this on your behalf)

    This warranty does not cover:

    Normal wear and tear (tyres, bearings, brake pads etc)

    Improper assembly

    Improper follow up maintenance

    Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or compatible with the bicycle as sold

    Damage or failure due to accident, impact, misuse, excessive load, abuse or neglect

    Labour and transportation charges for parts replacement or changeover

    This warranty is applicable from the date of purchase for the original owner only, who must produce proof of purchase and register their cycle in order to validate a claim.  Claims must be submitted through your original retailer, unless the original retailer is no longer trading, or no longer a Tandem Group Cycles dealer.  No bike is indestructible and no claims will be accepted for damage due to improper use, competition use, stunt riding, ramp jumping or similar activities.

  • Careers

    Tandem Group Cycles is a great place to work and as such, job vacancies don't come up very often.  But when they do, this is the area of our website that you'll find them. 

    Keep coming back from time to time if you're interested in joining our fast paced, enthusiastic team!

  • General Enquiries

    For general enquiries about any of our products or brands you can either use our Store Locator to find and contact your local stockist, where they can talk you through options to suit your needs and physically show you examples in store.  Or, you can email us anytime at:

    We'll do our upmost to get back to you within 2 working days, if not sooner.

  • Order Enquiries

    If you have an enquiry about an existing order, or would like to speak to someone before placing a new order please email us at or call our sales office on 0121 748 8050

  • Warranty Enquiries

    We do all we can to ensure our products are the best they can be, so hopefully warranty isn't a topic you'll need to consider.  But, if you have any query about a warranty claim or just want some details in general about what's covered, please email us on

    For any purchases made in store, your first point of contact for all warranty claims should be your retailer.  They will then get in touch with us to validate the claim on your behalf.

    You can also find more details about what warranty our products come with on the associated topics in our FAQ's

  • Do PULSE lights come with batteries?

    Yes.  Every Pulse product comes with everything you need to get going.  Batteries, fittings and basic instructions on the packaging.

    If after receiving your new Pulse light you have any questions, please email us at or contact your retailer.

  • Do PULSE lights come with a warranty?

    Yes.  Every Pulse light is covered by our 12 month warranty.  If you experience any manufacturing fault or defect within that time, return it to your retailer or contact us and we'll swap it for you like-for-like.